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I have to take a shit

2012-04-27 17:47:31 by AtomicD00M

Im squishing my cheeks together, so I can post this.


2012-02-15 01:08:47 by AtomicD00M

I thank Odin for my cousin from L.A that introduced me to punk rock. It all started when my family went to visit our California family. I was around 14ish, he was listening to Ramones and introducing me to this music and beliefs. I shit you not it was music from the heavens for me. Before that I was listening to shitty alternative rock music. He released me from the commercial radio chains to the awesome world of underground music. From punk rock Ramones to the Hardcore of J.F.A, Minor Thread and so on. Which lead me to the discovery of Post-punk (Joy Division, New Order, The Smiths, ect.) that lead me to underground Hip Hop. Cliche as it sounds, music did a huge part in my life and my art. The world of REAL music, independent, and artistic.

My username.

2012-02-14 22:12:20 by AtomicD00M

I actually hate it, its the worst.

Good job, you deserve it!

2011-11-17 14:01:34 by AtomicD00M

Keep on doing it user!

Good job, you deserve it!

"join date fight."

2011-11-03 12:29:27 by AtomicD00M

I was banned because I posted on it?

Leave a comment.

2011-06-06 18:10:46 by AtomicD00M

A bad one or good one.

Staying home on a Friday.

2011-04-29 20:01:03 by AtomicD00M

For some reason Im staying home, weather is bad, shes home tired, and stuff. So I decided to pop out the "Full Metal Jacket" soundtrack. It gaved me an idea, making a 'Nam based short flash. So im here designing/sketching the ideas and it looks pretty good. I dont really upload any work on this website, and the the work that its uploaded is pretty old. So im going to gather up some of my talented friends and make a group for this little flash idea. Picture related. Wish me luck putos.

Staying home on a Friday.


2011-04-23 17:19:56 by AtomicD00M



Fuck your Megan Fox

2011-04-02 22:05:48 by AtomicD00M

This news post is now about me fucking Zooey Deschanel<3
: Classy females for the wins.

Fuck your Megan Fox


2011-02-17 20:09:45 by AtomicD00M

Still alive...